Life in Calgary Marketing Campaign

Life in Calgary Marketing Campaign

Life in Calgary Marketing Campaign

The impetus for the Life in Calgary campaign came from the 2022 Canada West Foundation Alberta youth mobility study which found that more young Albertans were choosing to leave the province for opportunities rather than making Alberta their home.

My role on the project involved developing and executing a creative strategy for the marketing campaign that focused on demonstrating opportunities for personal and professional growth to youth in Calgary. Leveraging insights from TikTok to support the campaign’s message, “see what’s possible in a city that loves you back,” the creative strategy departed from Calgary Economic Development’s traditional brand in favor of creative that was bold, quirky, and impactful. The creative was carried across multiple formats including, a landing page, out-of-home signage as well as digital advertising on LinkedIn and search.


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Findings from TikTok indicated that Gen Z responds favorably to ads with a fun or weird twist and tends to gravitate towards creative that doesn’t appear like an ad outright. The creative strategy involved incorporating playful elements to garner attention. The ad series also featured a diverse range of individuals in quirky poses. All young Calgarians needed to see themselves in the marketing campaign.

Due to the campaign being marketed to a new audience, the creative went through creative testing with a consulting company to ensure that it was hitting the mark. A couple of alterations to the design based on the findings occurred, but overall initial impressions of the campaign were positive. Life in Calgary’s marketing campaign was green-lit.

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The game of talent retention is long. However, the Life in Calgary marketing campaign was successful in establishing the baseline for future campaigns geared toward a young audience.

Since launch:

  • The landing page saw 2,725 views
  • Animated GIFs on LinkedIn proved to be effective in garnering 185,000 impressions
  • Out-of-home creative continues to search as testing grounds for the targeted audience. Next year’s campaign is slated to appear on trains in addition to train platforms.