Calgary in the New Economy Progress Report

Calgary in the New Economy Progress Report

Calgary in the New Economy Progress Report


Calgary’s economic strategy, “Calgary in the New Economy (CITNE)” works towards making Calgary the place where bright minds and big ideas come together to help solve global challenges. Historically Calgary Economic Development (CED) reported the strategy’s progress only to the city. This changed in 2023, when CED recognized the need to improve the report’s accessibility and make it more inclusive for all Calgarians.

My role on the project was to transform the 50-page report into a digestible format, that made the report easier to read. Drawing inspiration from publications like The Economist and National Geographic, along with design principles and visual storytelling I helped design a report that fostered conversations and was the 13th most downloaded report on CED’s website.


Digital and Design Manager
Visual Creative Lead


Calgary Economic Development


Visual Design
Layout Design

Jasmine’s incredible designs made the content we pull together truly sparkle and come to life. A big thanks to her attention to detail, professionalism, and supporting our team!

– Katherine Koplovich, Director of Strategy, Calgary Economic Development


Taking cues from successful economic-based publications, the report leaned heavily on the use of visuals and iconography to help support the copy, which was split into two columns. The progress report needed to ring true for most Calgarians. As a result, I took time to research and collect photographs and their usage rights from various organizations featured in the report.

As the visual creative lead on the project, it was my job to ensure that the design met the project objective while ensuring that the design was completed within a tight schedule among other competing priorities. The project manager and I worked closely together to make sure that all revisions across many internal and external key stakeholders were captured.

I also worked closely with various printers in collecting quotes for the project and performing a quality check on the proof.


Overall, the project was regarded as a success. The redesigned report caught the attention of senior leadership, initiating conversations with external agencies on rebranding the Economic strategy.

Since the report’s publication:

  • All 350 physical copies were distributed at multiple CED events
  • The progress report is the 13th most downloaded report since its publication accounting for approximately 2.3% of the website’s overall document downloads.
  • The CITNE webpage has seen 3,389 visits since May 17, with 973 total document downloads.