CED Annual Report Social Media Campaign

CED Annual Report Social Media Campaign

Annual Report - Social Media Campaign


A creative take on an annual report typically released through print and web, Calgary Economic Development (CED) aimed to broaden the report’s audience via social media campaign.

With favourability among the community as one of CED’s success metrics, the annual report was seen as an opportunity to showcase the organization’s role in shaping and sharing Calgary’s story. By broadening the audience, CED would succeed in broadening Calgary’s awareness.


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Project manager


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Social Media / App
Economic Developers Association of Canada


The project’s success relied on distributing the report beyond print and a website. I worked with the VP of Marketing to get buy-in from SMT and board members. While key stakeholders preferred traditional distribution methods (print and web) they eventually gave approval on releasing the report through a social media campaign.

For the digital campaign, the team selected CED’s Instagram account, @LifeinCalgary, as the primary social account for the report’s release. With Instagram’s built-in interactive features such as stories, polls, and its 33.6K followers, the team anticipated that users were more likely to engage with the content.

All copy and graphics had to be customized to suit each channel (print, web, and social). Working as the project and brand manager, I ensured that all content produced by an external agency complimented CED’s brand and aligned with our messaging. Further, it was important to consider Calgary’s economic climate. Messaging needed to celebrate the city’s success without appearing disingenuous.


The social campaign resonated with CED’s Instagram audience especially topics like Calgary’s Amazon campaign (#yycamazon). Combined with sharp visuals, easily digestible content, and new links, user engagement was high. In addition, viewers were encouraged to repost stories on their channels and participate in polls.

Additional awareness was due to the digital campaign launching the same week as Report to Community (RTC), a CED signature event. Attendees received an abbreviated copy of the Annual Report that accompanied the digital campaign. Key stakeholders received their traditional 40-page report.

  • Overall total story impressions: 59,771
  • 67 per cent bounce rate – exceptional for social referral traffic (typically around 80 per cent)
  • During the campaign, CED’s Instagram followers increased from 33.6K to 33.8K

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