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Breaking out on her own, Amy Rederburg needed a logo for her newly-formed freelance writing business, Writerburg. New to branding, Amy had interviewed a handful of designers before we met. Desiring a more collaborative process, the project challenge was in balancing my design and brand expertise with my client’s expectations and original vision for her logo.






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Approaching the project with a collaborative intent, I spent the first part of the project getting to know Amy’s company, her goals, intent and her love for writing. Amy began the project with a concept in mind and had originally intended I render her vision into graphic form. Her original idea was around an iceberg. Not only did the idea tie back to the berg in Writerberg, but it also communicated the idea that what makes up great writing resides under the surface of the water.

I went through with the design as requested, but I also explored a few different options that captured the essence of what was discussed in our initial discussions.


Amy selected one of my alternative ideas, a simplified Sans-Serif logo with an icon that combined quotations marks, speech bubbles, and the letter “W’. In combination with the colours selected, magenta and yellow, the logo’s playful and bold qualities matched the client’s personality.

The final concept quickly communicated the client’s service. In addition, its simplicity meant more flexible use, especially in a digital space. When the client presented the logo to external parties, they found that it stood out above the iceberg concept.

“ Jasmine and I met face-to-face a few times to get a general idea of what it would be like to work with each other. I found her process to be very thorough and detailed. She demonstrated attention to detail by asking meaningful questions and actively listening to my answers to make my vision better.”

– Amy Rederburg, Content Copywriter, Writerburg Media