CED InvestCalgary Magazine E-marketing Campaign

CED InvestCalgary Magazine E-marketing Campaign

InvestCalgary magazine's e-marketing campaign


InvestCalgary is a magazine that showcases Calgary’s top business leaders and talent. It highlights the business opportunities and cost savings available for businesses looking to expand to Calgary. The challenge was to develop an e-marketing campaign that utilized Microsoft CRM’s Click Dimensions as the main channel of distribution.


Lead designer
Project manager


The InvestCalgary e-marketing campaign was the organization’s first e-marketing campaign launched through Click Dimensions, a CRM tool. Using the newly-adopted Click Dimensions, my role on the project included researching the software’s capabilities. From that research, I developed the foundational tools and digital assets that helped achieve the campaign’s goal. Some of the tools included the initial signup form, webpage, email templates, and marketing lists.

The magazine’s function was to spark interest for external businesses looking to expand their business to Calgary. Therefore, the number of leads garnered through the e-marketing campaign was crucial. To accurately report the campaign’s performance,  I produced a dashboard within Click Dimensions that could be accessed by the marketing team.


The campaign generated 234 new soft leads; six of which were deemed opportunities by the business development team. In addition, 99 magazine requests (either a physical or digital copy) were made from current contacts.

Automated processes were developed in the backend of Click Dimensions that helped assist with digital requests. For individuals looking to receive physical copies of the magazine, I trained members within the team to handle requests as they come in.