Ensar’s Brand

Ensar’s Brand

Ensar’s Brand


Ensar, unsatisfied with a logo submitted from another designer, hired me to redevelop their logo and a set of branded stationery. The challenge was involved in the project management side. Ensar had two key stakeholders, each with their own ideas about the brand. Both lived in different provinces and had schedules that sometimes conflicted with one another. From the beginning, it was evident that time management and clear communication was critical to the project’s success.






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I began the project by capturing pain points from Ensar to determine why they felt their previous design didn’t work. Through talks with stakeholders, I was able to conclude what their vision was and what graphic elements were a no-go.

By being in constant communication and clarifying any questions, I was able to build trust with key stakeholders. This trust also allowed for open communication that enabled me to get a better idea of what made Ensar and how I could best represent them.

For Ensar it was important that their brand materials, including their logo, illustrated trust, wisdom, and growth. These were the themes that helped guide the visual solutions that I presented back to the team. Four concepts were pitched, with the most favoured being refined until the final logo was designed.


The final logo represented discovery through focus. The logo’s colour selection expressed growth, optimism and professionalism. Following the final approval, I provided two concepts of each of the branded materials including; business cards, folder design, and letterhead. The project went so well it was the catalyst for Ensar’s website redesign.